The Game and Fisheries Committee held a public deer management hearing on Wednesday March 19, 2014. For those unable to attend click here to watch the video of the meeting.

Fellow Deer Hunters we have never been closer to some meaningful legislative change to our beleaguered deer management plan. If you have never contacted your legislator to voice your concern, now would be a great time time!!


Second  Amendment Action Day

Tuesday,  April 29, 2014 - 10:00 AM

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Individuals carrying weapon are require to turn their weapons into the Capital Police Department prior to entrance into the Capitol Building.  A copy of the 2014 firearms receipt can be printed .

We have been advised that busses for the Second Amendment Action Day should park in the northeast corner of the Farm Show Complex lot, furthest away from the complex itself. Print a copy of the map.

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) Invites Duck Dynasty Commander Phil Robertson to Headline Annual PA Second Amendment Action Day

I wanted to share with you this news release that I recently sent.


Vote on HB1576

The vote on HB 1576 has been tabled temporary. However, please ask you legislators to support HB 1576.

The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania Sportsmen representing 70,000 members and the Pennsylvania State Camp Lessee’s Association representing 50,000 members strongly support the immediate passage of HB 1576.

The Pennsylvania Federation (PFSC) asks for Vote No on HB 1576. But, we ask you, what do they stand for? There spokes-lady is not even a resident of PA, She has residence in Alabama.

In addition to HB 1576 the PFSC and several other groups are the same ones that are against the 5 deer bills discussed Wednesday March 19, 2014 at the Game and Fisheries meeting.   For those unable to attend please click here to view the complete video of the meeting see the support given Randy Santucci's presentation and the questioning of PGC and PFSC views.

The groups below are largest Coalition of Pennsylvania Sportsmen ever seen in Harrisburg speaking at the deer hearing:

  • Allegheny County Sportsmen League, the voice of 200,000 sportsmen.
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition representing 150,000 – 175,000 members.
  • Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania representing 70,000 members.
  • Firearm Owners against Crime representing 28,000 members and 76,000 total associates.
  • Pennsylvania State Camp Lessee’s Association representing 50,000 members.


Protecting Our Endangered Species

By Dr. Charles Bolgiano and

Dr. Dennis Wydra

For the past 100 years, acid rain has been killing our forests, streams, wildlife, and endangered species, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR),....     Read more

How many endangered species are devastated and killed with each and every acid rain we get? By the time heavy acid rain reaches the headwaters, streams, and rivers, the native trout and other ES are already being decimated. Limestone treatments on streams are too little and much too late. If you want to know what famous fish is harmed the most by acid rain…

Take a look at Penn State’s Dr. Sarma Pisupati’s EGEE 102 online class on acid rain the effects of Acid Rain on Forests and Aquatic Life. Click here and scroll down to this interactive graphic and test your knowledge of the effects of acid rain on fish and aquatic insects and guess which ones die first?


Pennsylvania State Representatives:

The Pennsylvania State Camp Association is the largest camp association in Pennsylvania representing well over 50,000 members and associates.  Read more

Unified Sportsmen of PA

Supports HB 1576 and SB 1047 Resolution


Read more

Conservationists and Sportsmen

Support IRRC Review of T&E Specie

Bill Miller, Steve Mohr, Dennis Wydra
Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania

The legislative debate over two companion bills in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that would modify the way the commonwealth adds to its list of threatened and endangered (T&E) species has, at times, been educated and rational.    Read more


It’s Time to Pass the 5 Deer Bills

By Wayne Haas, USP Vice. President

In 2013, USP went to Harrisburg many times and worked with multiple legislators in both parties and in both the House and Senate chambers.     Read more

Deer Letter

By Wayne Bush

I sent the following email to my state senator and state representative. The response that I got from one of them was a little disconcerting.      Read more


By John Eveland

As documented in the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' (DCNR's) Deer Management Plan, concurrent seasons, antler restrictions, and hunters, themselves, have been used to reduce the deer population and maintain the herd at exceedingly low numbers.   Read more

The Costs and Benefits of FSC Certification of DCNR Forests

Read more

SocioEconomic Impact of the DCNR/PGC
Forest-Certification/Deer-Reduction Program
Read more


The Marcellus Mess on Elmerton Avenue

Marcellus Is Booming


Bearly Believable........

By Randy Santucci

For quite a few years now, it is no secret that The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania has had a rocky relationship with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, primarily over deer management.    Read more


Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania

is now on Facebook.

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Second amendment rights

There has been so much new lately regarding the attempts of the anti-gun politicians and media USP web site has had to generate separate pages for your reading.

We have the perfect poster that should be on a billboard on every road
leading into Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Hollywood!!!!!


Obama administration shows disrespect for our

military and embassy personnel



Dear General Kane
By Dr N. Charles Bolgiano

We want to congratulate you on becoming the Attorney General of Pennsylvania… Read more



Wildlife Management: hunters or environmentalist?

Article written by Don Mallicoat and published by The Asheville Tribune, Asheville, NC. Read more


Letter to Governor Corbett

By N. Charles Bolgiano, PhD

The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania (USP) has a mandate “to protect and preserve the environment, our wildlife, and our privileges of hunting, fishing and trapping.”   Read More




Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania  
Supports responsible Drilling.

Please visit our new gas page.



Glen Beck interview of Ted Nugent!
By Randy Santucci President USP

This video is about 12 minutes long, but extremely worth watching, please watch the complete video.

Ted Nugent an unknowing victim of an obscure unprecedented game law in Alaska, explains the circumstances for Glen Beck in this interview. Once again the media and it’s partial truths, attempts to discredit one of the premiere 2nd amendment supporters and promoters of hunting that exists today. Watch the interview on this link.


We have added a new page to

our web site.    Hot Topics



USP President Randy Santucci was appointed to Governor Tom Corbett's Sports Advisory Council in a news release issued February 27, 2012.



Important information for our visitors with

complains regarding the deer situation in their

area, find your Representative or Senator.



The USP is here for the sportsmen.



Hunter feedback about disappointing deer season

Another disappointing deer hunting season, thanks to the PGC's deer eradication program.  We have been getting considerable feedback from our viewers at talk back and I have generated a page for our readers to read that feedback.  I have removed their names and email address for the writer’s privacy.  Now that the holidays are over and the year 2011 closed we can look back hopefully that is was the year our PA deer mismanagement started to change.   We as hunters can only hope 2012 brings an end to the devastation of our number one sport hunting animal, the white tail deer.     Read our disappointed hunters stories.



One purpose of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania is to bring attention to important issues relating to hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting.   We publish and distribute a quarterly news letter (Woods & Waters) for our members.


No Doe Hunting
Does That Mean Forever?

By Wayne Haas, USP Vice President

The big sign below is self-explanatory, simple, and to the point. No Doe Hunting!

But, does that mean forever, absolutely not. There is nobody that wants to harvest antlerless deer more than USP. But, at the present time in history because of the needless reduction of the deer herd since 2001, we believe there needs to be an increase in the number of deer. We would like to see the day when hunters harvest over 200,000 buck and 200,000 doe and if regulations were changed to only one deer per hunter everywhere except special regulation areas, with 750,000 total hunters, over half of all hunters would take home a deer to enjoy at the table. License sales would be sure to increase and back to the good old days we would go.

Therefore, for a private landowner to have the ability to control their land to make this happen (if wanted), USP has printed and has available the No Doe Hunting signs below. Most PGC Game Lands and DCNR State Forests need these signs too!


Pennsylvania's hunting tradition

Now that regular deer hunting season is over, we hope everyone had a safe hunting season. However, from feedback and complaint’s we have been getting at USP; the season was another failure with hunters seeing very few deer. Thanks to the PGC's failed deer management plan with very few deer remaining, we can no longer call it hunting, just time enjoying the outdoors.

The second archery and primitive flintlock hunting season open; we ask all hunters to be extremely careful and insure and identify your target.  At this time hunters will be wearing camouflage while hunting, and not wearing the florescent orange, and can very easily blend into the background .

We are asking the hunter’s to not shoot a doe and help the deer herd recover.



We sportsmen are well aware there are locations with-in Pennsylvania that are over populated with deer, but the majority of the state has had the herd decimated. This sport of hunting must be preserved for our future generations of children and grandchildren, change to PGC's self destruction of siding with the anti-hunters. We sportsmen must band together and attempt to end the fraud of the PGC.

USP supports returning to the traditional two week buck season followed by a two day doe season. We believe the PGC should go back to doe allocations by county instead of Wildlife Management Units. If a county has a deer shortage; close that county and give the herd a chance to build back up. Where there are an abundance of deer extend the doe season if necessary.

Our missions are:

  • To promote and maintain high standards in conservation of our natural resources.
  • To cooperate with State and Federal agencies and all sportsmen organizations to protect and achieve the needs of both wildlife and sportsmen.
  • To defend our heritage right to hunt, fish, trap, and to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  • To promote programs to educate the public about hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting for all future generations.

Being the largest independent statewide sportsmen organization in Pennsylvania, we can accomplish a lot with just a small amount of money. All of the USP officers are highly motivated, interested, knowledgeable sportsmen and all are non salaried, and even our professional full time representative in Harrisburg is a non salaried officer. In spite of all this we cannot perform miracles, and we cannot exist without you as a member. Join Now!

Spring has finally arrived!!

This picture was taken in Clearfield County showing a deer fenced area.

Looking at the area I seen no difference outside the fence than inside.

There were many acorns uneaten and turning rotten showing what a

waste of our taxpayer money by PGC and DCNR.





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